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Make Money Online

Most of this website is about generating a six-figure income by working hard over several months… but this tutorial is a little different. If your goal is just to learn how to make money fast (like just a few hundred bucks), this is for you.
The old-timers reading this know that I mean Project Payday, a free website that guarantees you’ll make $100 online, or they’ll just send you the money with no strings attached.
It’s the only way to make money without a website that I endorse. I don’t suggest you try out any other “work at home jobs” for two reasons:
  • Project Payday is free. It won’t cost you a dime to get set up, and you can make money without giving out your credit card information or anything. .
  • Project Payday is garaunteed. If you don’t make at least $100 doing what they tell you to do, and fast, then just contact them. They’ll deposit the money into your account without you having to do anything. That’s a success garauntee that anyone can get behind.
To be honest, I wish more people running “make money online” websites would support Project Payday. It’s free, there’s no risk, and you will make money. Why other sites don’t get behind the project is beyond me.
Tip: Sign up for Project Payday, look around, then come back here to read more. Try to force yourself not to get up until you’ve made $100. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

The goal of this website is to explain exactly how to make money online, and how you can earn money by just signing up and reviewing products. I’ll be talking about the two ways I’ve earned money online — no theory, just actual instructions. Specifically, I’ll teach you how to:

No, you don’t have to be a computer genius or have vast technical knowledge. If you have email, then you have the “technical” skills required to make money online — you don’t have to be a “geek” to earn money on the Internet. Plus, I’ve made it easier by writing completely free instructions guiding you every step of the way.

Quick-Start Guide to Making Money Online

Though there are thousands of websites dealing with earning money online, there are really only 2 ways to make money online that I endorse. If you want a small amount of money quickly, go with the first method. If you want a long-term full-time income, go with the second method.
Method 1: Project Payday
If your goal is to make a few hundred in a relatively short time-frame, then trying to make money fast is your best bet, which is why I’ve partnered with them to help you build an instant income. In an economy like what we’re seeing now, businesses are simply dying to get new customers. They’re so desperate to advertise that they’re willing to give you an “incentive” just to check out their offers. Most of these websites are slanted in the business’ favor. However, there are a few websites that are now offering you free incentives. You sign up, you DON’T pay anything, and you can make a few hundred dollars. Project Payday is a great example of this — and it’s free. You won’t get rich, but you can make $2,500 or so per month if you’re willing to check out the products. Again, it’s free — don’t pay any website to do this, considering you can sign up to Project Payday for free. Note: if you do what they say and you can’t make money, let them know. They’ll give you $100 free as a guarantee.

Method 2: Build a Website Business
That said, out of the thousands of “online opportunities” out there, the best way to make money online is with your own website. This is how I earn my income online. This, however, isn’t good if you need quick money, or want to get rich quick. Building a website takes a ton of planning, a ton of work, and a ton of time. It can take up to a year before you see a full-time income. It took me about 6 months. But it’s also a passive income. I can stop working right now and go to the pool, but my websites will all still be up and earning an income from advertisements — my business makes money without me now. That’s the biggest pull. To learn more about building a website, read to the end of this page, or check out my 1o-step website plan

How to Pick and Choose a Program

When it comes to picking out a way to make money, remember that you’re trying to make money, not spend money. In other words, only pick a project that guarantees that you’ll make money, and is free to sign up. Otherwise, make very, very sure you trust a program before giving them a red cent. Thousands have learned this the hard way. Don’t be a statistic. Sign up to learn more about a project before you spend money — if you ever do. Become acquainted with other similar programs before making a decision. Check out free programs like Project Payday before “paid” programs. Ten minutes of research can save you hours of headache, and let you choose the right program so you can actually make money rather than get burned.

Making Money Online With a Website

The vast majority of this website is about starting your own website. The reason is simple: it’s the best way to make money online. Anyone can do it, it’s a passive income, and you can get started instantly. It’s not a job; it’s a business. There are a lot of myths about websites, blogging and making money online in general. Check out my article How Websites Make Money Online to learn more about how websites actually make money.

Who Can Make Money Online?

Absolutely anyone can make money online. It’s an old myth that you have to be a “computer geek” to own a website, or have to be a genius to make money with a free program like Project Payday. Those days are over. If you can do email, then you can set up your own website. That said, making money online with a website isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to look ahead, make plans, and work hard. If you just want to slap a blog together, write a few things to put on it, and then forget it ever existed, you’re probably best sticking with Project Payday. Project Payday is free, so there isn’t any risk. But starting a website costs anywhere from $100 to $300. This is still dirt cheap considering you’re starting a business, but if you aren’t willing to work at it, it’s just a waste. Making money online isn’t about “getting rich quick”. If that’s what you’re after, it’s not possible. After all, if we could all get rich quick and easily, then we’d all be rich. That said, you can achieve almost any online income goals if you’re willing to plan well and work hard. If anything, making money with a website is an anti-get-rich-quick scheme because you’ll have to work hard at it for a long period of time. It just takes a good plan and a strong work ethic.

What’s The Best Way to Make Money Online?

If the above sounds discouraging, don’t lose heart. Starting a website was the best financial decision of my life — so much that I’ve made this page a part of my financial planning website. I think everyone right now should at least try to start a website. Bill Gates once said:
“This is a fantastic time to be entering the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50.”
As I’ve described above, the best way to make money online is with a website. A website only has to be created once, and it exists indefinitely. That means rather than getting paid “by the hour” or “by the day” you get paid forever. Work once, earn forever. That’s why, in a nutshell, making money online has grown to extraordinary popularity in the past few years. It let’s anyone build a passive income online.

What Should I Do Now?

To help you in the website department, I wrote an article that details every step you’ll need to take to build a money-making website. It will hold your hand throughout the entire process. It’s called the ten-step plan. So what should you do right now? One of two things:
  • Sign up for Project Payday. Sign up for Project Payday to make money to get started. After you make money with the program, make sure to come back to put your money to good use.
  • Start up your website. When you buy your hosting and domain (you buy them together at the same time), make sure to come back here and keep reading.
Before you keep reading, I want to say something personal: the biggest mistake I made when trying out making money online for myself was that I waited nearly an entire year before I finally acted. I don’t even want to think about how much money I wasted by not being decisive. Wasting time is wasting money. Before you get up from the computer, promise yourself to make a single real step towards making money online. I’ve received dozens of emails from people who said they’ve made this page their “home” page in order to constantly remind them to take action and actually start making money online, rather than put it off. So take action… otherwise, you’ll hate yourself in 12 months. So either sign up for Project Payday or build a website like the ones I’ve built. Congratulations on your decision to make money online, and good luck!

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